How to Choose Acoustic Guitar?

For beginners who just bought the first acoustic guitar, we believe that the Fender CC-60S is the best choice. We came to this conclusion, playing about 40 guitars, and a team of three teachers, three students, a professional guitarist and guitarist checked seven models. Our members love the comfortable compact CC-60S body, an easy-to-use neck and a balanced, live sound.

In an era dominated by electronic pop music, acoustic guitars appear to be obsolete, but since 2010 their sales by electric guitars have consistently outperformed electric guitars, in part due to acoustic guitar stars such as Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. The success and absence of the current “guitar hero” model Jimmy Page or Eddie Van Halen.

For those who want to accompany themselves, when they sing or want to write songs, acoustic guitars are probably the easiest and most affordable way to get started. You only need a guitar: there is no amplifier, no cable, no computer, no technical knowledge. Thanks to effective overseas production, you can get a good acoustic guitar for just a few hundred dollars.

How we choose

Naturally finished the acoustic guitar Fender next to the stellar acoustic guitar Carlo Robelli.

In planning this guide, our discussions with Billy Martinez, vice president of category management at the Acoustics Department at Fender Musical Instruments, were deeply affected. Martinez told me that about 90% of people who started playing guitar will leave in a year or two. This amazing and disappointing fact inspired two basic principles to decide which guitar to test. (Incidentally, this discussion did not make us biased towards Fender, because all guitar brands were blocked by the artist’s ribbon, so our team members did not know what guitar they were playing on.)

First of all, it may be unreasonable to spend a lot of money on the first guitar, because it probably accumulates dust in the cabinet. Having tried a lot of cheap acoustic guitars, I think that there are at least some nice models, the size of which is less than $ 200, so we decided to install it in our price limit. Having won some disappointing bad guitars in the $ 69 box, I decided to focus on models costing at least $ 99, if you do not stumble upon a model costing less than $ 99, which seems worth trying.

Secondly, we think that if someone feels uncomfortable with the instrument, they are less likely to adhere to this, so we want to find a guitar that is comfortable to play with. According to Martinez, about half of buyers of inexpensive acoustic guitars are women, which makes us, as a rule, use small guitars, often called “concert sizes”. Although the guitar does not have strict standards of size, the concert size is not large.

The guitar is usually about 1 inch already at the widest part of the guitar, and 1/2 inch less from the front to the back of the more fearless guitar that most people think when they think of an “acoustic guitar.” This may not seem like much of a difference, but it makes it easier to grab a guitar even for a guy like me 6 feet tall. The only drawback of the guitars of the concert is that they do not sound as loud as fearless sounds. Nevertheless, many people believe that guitar sounds of concert size are better balanced and less than fearless music. Despite this, several manufacturers with whom I spoke did not offer inexpensive guitar guitars, so they sent fearless things.

To identify the acoustic guitar for testing, I looked through the Amazon website and the sites of the music store Guitar Center and Sam Ashe, and I visited several music stores in Los Angeles to get an idea of ​​what models are worth trying. Well, most beginners prefer to start with traditional guitars. We did not test any instruments that looked unusual, like Luna Guitars Gypsy Spalt and King Dirty Thirtties, they can be very good guitars, but we are looking for the widest range that we can Models recommended by players, not just those who have special tastes. We also ruled out 3/4 of the size of the tour and the “living room” guitars, for some beginners they can be more comfortable, especially for children under the age of 12, but we believe that most beginners want some kind of growth that can be (Musical instrument , which is literal or metaphorical.

All the models that we tested were steel string acoustics, which is by far the most popular model of popular, rural, rock music and folk music. Nylon strings Classical (or Spanish) guitars have a more flexible string