VoIP Telephone System

VoIP in VoIP telephone system stands for voice over internet protocol, which means that you can make calls over the internet rather than over the traditional phone network and with a cloud based phone system, your call routing takes place in an internet-connected secure data center instead of in a hardware installed on your premises.

You don’t need to make any drastic changes if you want to change to a VoIP telephone system. One of the most important bonuses of introducing VoIP into your business is the ability to expand it directly in line with the growth of your business or organisation, allowing you to pay for extra extensions when necessary.
Compatible with all existing phone systems, the savings VoIP can bring to your business are unparalleled. All this along with a broad range of payment options including leasing, making it an affordable option for any business to have a new VoIP telephone system.

VoIP Telephone Systems

What if I wanted to call a regular phone of a VoIP telephone system?

If you have a VoIP phone system set up and want to make regular calls, there are plenty of adapters you can use to plug into the existing VoIP phone network. Everything a regular phone can do, a VoIP telephone can do as well. It has a handset, rings, makes and receives calls and is dialed in the same way.

How does a VoIP telephone system work?

With VoIP, analogue voice calls are converted into packets of data. These packets are then sent like any other type of data, such as e-mail over the public internet or even a private internet protocol network. Using a VoIP telephone system, you can call landline or cell phones.

VoIP incentives

Having a VoIP telephone system for your business is a lot cheaper than having a traditional landline if you have staff needing to speak to each other from a far-flung distance especially.

What else does a VoIP telephone system have to offer?

As well as having the bonus of having a VoIP telephone system for your business they also come with other advantages. These include caller ID which allows you to see who is calling before you pick up the phone, call diversion, allowing you to send calls to other phone numbers and also voice which is not just an answering service in your phone but one that can be accessed online.